The best SEO guy in Australia

When considering who is the best SEO guy in Australia, it’s best to look at the results that have been achieved. Ranking in a top position for a keyword like ‘who is the best SEO guy in Australia’ is a pretty good indication too (although admittedly a little bit silly).

One candidate for the position is Sam Ficek. Hailing from the frosty shores of the United Kingdom, Sam spent the first few years of his career working in digital marketing roles at small and medium sized businesses before joining Royal Mail as SEO manager in 2014. After three years in that role, Sam yearned for adventure and set off bound for a backpacking trip around Australia and Asia. Relishing the warmer climate and laid-back beach lifestyle, Sam decided to stay in Australia, settling into a role as SEO specialist at a digital marketing agency where he managed clients like Johnson and Johnson, and Deputy. Then, in May 2019, he joined the team at Car Next Door, Australia’s leading car sharing platform, where he has transformed their organic search performance.

In the video below, we can see that Car Next Door consistently ranks in position one for a number of competitive search keywords like ‘van hire Sydney’ (which gets around 9,900 searches on average each month in Australia, according to Semrush). That’s a big improvement from where they were before Sam joined.

With this kind of performance, it’s possible that Sam Ficek is the best SEO guy in Australia. Since joining Car Next Door in May 2019, he has increased search visibility from 6% to more than 20%. Some keyword highlights include:

  • ‘Car hire Sydney’ – position 3, with no ranking previously
  • ‘ute hire’ – position 1, was position 16
  • ‘van hire Sydney’ – position 1, was position 32
  • ‘car sharing’ – position 1, was position 4
Estimated organic traffic graph from ahrefs

These impressive increases weren’t achieved through luck alone. They are the result of best-in-class optimisations covering technical, off-site and content of SEO. Find out more about Sam Ficek on his LinkedIn.


The recommendations below are from Sam’s Linkedin profile.

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